Employment Law and Workplace Fairness

Compared to employees in other industrial nations, Americans spend more time at work and take less time off.  Considering how central the workplace is to American life, Basso & Khare is committed to pursuing fairness and dignity for all workers.  Whether you have been on your boss’s support staff for decades or you are immigrating to the United States to work for the first time, Basso & Khare will protect your interests along the way—from initial negotiations over the terms of your employment, to zealous representation in case any dispute arises with your employer. 

Disagreement and conflict are a natural part of any work environment, but some types of conflicts have legal consequences.  Basso & Khare can help you know your rights and explore ways for you to protect yourself if the relationship between you and your employer should ever break down.  We offer representation in the following situations:

Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

 Discrimination, harassment, and retaliation violate your civil rights and are illegal under several Federal laws, New Jersey and New York State laws, and the New York City Human Rights Law.  Basso & Khare represents individuals or groups of employees who have encountered discrimination or bias on the basis of:

• race                                                                                                                   • gender identity and expression

• sex (including sexual harassment)                                                                   • marital status

• religion                                                                                                              • Veteran status or military record

• national origin                                                                                                   • prior criminal record

• age                                                                                                                     • credit history

• disability                                                                                                             • genetics

• sexual orientation

We represent clients before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, the New Jersey Office of Administrative Law, and the New York City Human Rights Commission as well as in the Federal and State courts of New Jersey and New York.  If you believe you are the victim of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, Basso & Khare can evaluate your situation and help identify which laws might protect you.

Wages, Hours, and Benefits

 Whether you earn a set salary or are paid by the hour or on commission, you are entitled to be paid in a timely manner for your work.  Depending on the size of the employer and where it is located, your employer might also be responsible for providing certain benefits, including health insurance, family and medical leave, and paid sick leave.  Basso & Khare can review your compensation package and help you understand your rights to make sure you are not leaving money on the table.


In the wake of the Enron scandal and the Great Recession, Federal, State, and local laws are increasingly protecting employees who report, or “blow the whistle,” on their employers for engaging in misconduct or illegal activities.  Basso & Khare can counsel you about your options and possible consequences of reporting your employer’s wrongdoing, and we can represent you if you face any retaliation for doing what you thought was right.

Employment Contracts and Executive Compensation

 Whether you are negotiating the terms of a new job or leaving an old one—or perhaps getting a promotion or taking on a new role—your employer might ask you to sign a written agreement.  Before you sign anything, the attorneys at Basso & Khare can represent you in negotiations to protect your interests and ensure you are getting the fairest terms possible.  We are experienced in drafting employment agreements and will make sure you end up with an employment agreement that is clear and works for you. 

 Restrictive Covenants

 Sometimes it is time for you to leave your job and pursue a new opportunity, but you might be bound by restrictions on your ability to compete or solicit business.  We, at Basso & Khare, believe you have a right to pursue your livelihood and can represent you if your employer looks to use restrictive covenants to stop you, or punish you, for taking your talents elsewhere.


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